Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 19th.

Sunday. 21st.

Saturday. 20th. CFA Saturday. 20th. CFA
Saturday. 20th.

Morning to town with my Wife and Mr. Brooks in the Carriage. My first business was to call upon Miss Oliver the Tenant in Hancock 389Street and see the house. She pointed out several things to be done which I made a memorandum of and then announced the increase of rent from the 1st of January, upon which I left. Occupied at my Office, but Sidney Brooks came in about his Letters and made me an interruption for some time. I did not even finish the arrears in my Journal which are now perpetually occurring. Never was a man more occupied about nothing than I.

To Medford to dine. Afternoon not entirely useless. Read more of the Doctor and several epistles in the last book of Ovid. I am glad of it for I am almost tired out. The Metamorphoses come next to which I hope to pay attention. W. G. Brooks and his Wife came in and took tea. Quiet evening. I read another of Lafontaine’s Novels, Herr von Lange. Very much pleased with it.