Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 23d.

Thursday. 25th.

Wednesday. 24th. CFA Wednesday. 24th. CFA
Wednesday. 24th.

Louisa looked so poorly this morning that I recommended to her Mother to act decisively with her. I never think it worth while to nurse1 a diseased state of the body. With children, it leads to serious sickness.

I accompanied Mr. Brooks to town and was occupied as usual. Passed an hour or more making an investigation at the Record Office. Then to the House for some Papers. Writing Diary, and some affairs for Agency completed my time.

Home. Quiet afternoon. Pursued the reading of Herr von Lange, a book which pursues the history of two generations. This is always a mistake. It parts the interest, and lengthens too much the trial of patience of a reader. It ceases to be novel and becomes history. Finished the Epistles of Ovid very much to my satisfaction. For they have tried my patience as they did that of all his friends and acquaintances. On the whole they show no great merit in the man. Evening at home.


In the sense of attempting to cure an illness by taking care of oneself, or to drive it away by nursing ( OED , vb. 5b). In general, CFA was inclined to call in a physician upon the first sign of a child’s indisposition.