Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Saturday. 27th.

Monday. 29th.

Sunday. 28th. CFA Sunday. 28th. CFA
Sunday. 28th.

I arose this morning feeling extremely unwell, and omitted my usual bath. By starvation however I recovered the tone of my stomach and felt as well as usual before evening. I did not attend divine service in the morning.

After dinner, heard Dr. Follen 43 Psalm 5. “Why art thou cast down O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God”: He reviewed the miseries of life, the uncertainties of this world, and considered them as yielding to the desire which improves upon experience. A little touch at politics, the late liberation of slaves in the West Indies, as a sign of this great improvement. A poor sermon.

Read one of Warburton’s which struck me much. 1 Corinthians 1. 30 “Jesus Christ who of God is made unto us wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption.” One part of the Sermon seemed to be intended to form Christs character as a divine Messenger foretold, the other to show the purposes of his coming as explained in the two latter terms of the text. The argument upon the nature of the prophecy 394and the fulfilment of it by the Saviour seems to me very strong and embodies many floating thoughts which I has in reading Mr. Noyes’ Article in the Christian Examiner.1

I read and finished La Fontaine’s third story. It has perhaps Passages more eloquent than either of the Other, but I like it as a whole the least. Yet there is a moral tone pervading all his works which renders them charming to me. Minor Morals, which I do not like at all or believe in.


See above, entry for 9 July.