Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 30th.

Thursday. 2d.

Wednesday. Octr. 1. CFA Wednesday. Octr. 1. CFA
Wednesday. Octr. 1.

I did not mention Walter Hellen’s leaving us yesterday morning as he only started for Boston. Today he goes home. I have been pleased with his unassuming manners and amiable disposition, and regret that he is now obliged to leave the family to whom he has much recommended himself.

I returned to town this morning with John Quincy in company who appears all agog with his appointment. Office where I was busy with Accounts and Money—Copying letters and some general commissions. 396This was Quarter day and therefore attended with the usual payments. Returned to Medford. Found that poor old Squire was dead. Quite a pathetic close to a long service of usefulness. Poor fellow. It was time.

Afternoon. Began a new German story and read a little of the Preface to Ovid. Nothing further. Evening, notwithstanding a heavy blow form the southward, we went down to attend a party at Mrs. Dudley Hall’s. The Medford people. It was exceedingly dull and tiresome to me. Home by ten. The relation in which Town people and those of the Country stand to each other is always a stiff one. They have few common topics of conversation and yet the one expect a great deal from the other with little to give in exchange.