Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 7th.

Thursday. 9th.

Wednesday. 8th. CFA Wednesday. 8th. CFA
Wednesday. 8th.

Another fine day although it clouded up before evening. I went with Mr. Brooks into town, and was busy for some time in Accounts, and 400collecting my semi-annual Dividends. These are this year quite favorable. I have been tolerably successful so far in the little circle of my own affairs, and have reason to be grateful for this as for all my benefits. Read a little of the North American Review and nothing further. Returned to Medford and passed the afternoon in reading German.

Evening, Ovid. Finished the first Book of the Metamorphoses with which I have been very much pleased. He has written fifteen books of these and my wonder will be, if he can sustain himself equally well to the end.

The change in the Season makes some reduction in the amount of our visitors and for this I am not entirely sorry, but the same change operates again unfavourably by driving me from my little study, as there are no accommodations for winter quarters. We remain in a state of painful suspense respecting our future residence this winter.