Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 8th.

Friday. 10th.

Thursday. 9th. CFA Thursday. 9th. CFA
Thursday. 9th.

As Mr. Brooks was to dine out, we had fixed upon this day for my Wife to ride with me to see my Mother at Quincy. The morning looked cloudy with a warm southerly wind but I thought the probabilities were that it would clear away. It rained a little on the road to town where I changed horses, but becoming tolerably clear, we determined to proceed and got safely there. After our arrival it set in and rained extremely hard for several hours.

My Mother was looking better and seemed to be slowly reviving. I talked a little with my father, but passed most of my time reading Werther. Mr. William Plumer of New Hampshire dined with us. Conversation dull as my father appeared fatigued.

After dinner, I decided to return, knowing that as the rain was precisely behind us, we should probably be as dry as if we were riding on the fairest day. It was a just conjecture, the rain stopped before we reached town and we arrived at Medford in good season for tea. Mr. Brooks did not return for an hour. Evening, German.