Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 19th.

Tuesday. 21st.

Monday. 20th. CFA Monday. 20th. CFA
Monday. 20th.

I left Medford this morning in a very heavy rain which did not appear encouraging to my father’s progress, but it soon stopped and before evening became very clear and bright. In turn, occupied much in Commissions, and copied some letters for my father, this with other things engrossed much time and I found myself soon called upon to start again for Quincy. The weather growing colder.

Arrived at Quincy, found my Mother more quiet, but suffering from faintness consequent upon the reaction of her system. I was in the mean time, beginning to suffer under one of my head achs which I resisted as long as I could but which I was finally forced to give way to and go to bed although only eight o’clock. Elizabeth C. Adams and Louisa C. Smith still here.