Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 23rd.

Saturday. 25th.

Friday. 24th. CFA Friday. 24th. CFA
Friday. 24th.

A fine cold morning. I went to town and to the Office, from thence to the House where I wished to procure some things. This with my occupation at the Office in writing letters to my father1 and to Mr. Jones the Auctioneer at Weston to proceed as usual with the sales of Wood there notwithstanding my absence.2 I try to think of every thing before hand as my Mother begins to talk of next week for starting. Perhaps if things are favorable, it may be the week after.

I propose to change my Office this winter to the one directly below mine and am putting into it grates which will I hope make me comfortable for the first time. I have heretofore been able to let all the rooms in this building for my father, but as this winter, they will be empty and one of them contains the article which is becoming daily more important to me, a safe for the preservation of papers, I have concluded to fit it up. This will be the third of the Offices I have fitted up in this building, for myself.

No further news from Washington but a letter from my father who 409has got as far as Philadelphia.3 Tomorrow we hope to hear his account from Washington. Returned to Quincy. My Mother seemed better today. I went down to fish and caught one smelt for her. Conversation. Ovid and Quinctius Heymerau von Flaming which has become dry.


Letter missing.


To Col. John Jones, 24 Oct. (LbC, Adams Papers).


To CFA, 21 Oct. (Adams Papers).