Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 29th.

Friday. 31st.

Thursday. 30th. CFA Thursday. 30th. CFA
Thursday. 30th.

Nothing but the power of habit keeps up my fancy for Journalizing. For I have now little worth recording. Even my reading is disappearing and I am becoming the common place animal like all the others, in the world. It rained in the morning but I went to town notwithstanding. Time taken up at the Office in writing Diary and a letter to my father1 in which I spoke plainly my opinions for the last time. Things after this must take their course. I then went to Medford with Mr. Brooks to spend the night. Disagreeably surprised by company. Mr. Shepherd, Mr. Harrison from Baltimore, Mr. Stetson, Jonathan Brooks, Edward and Chardon were here, some to dine and the remainder afterwards. This spoiled my day which I wished to devote to quiet and my children. I did nothing and felt very much 413depressed. My anxieties are now particularly numerous. I must hope and trust for the best.


Letter missing.