Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

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Sunday. 2d.

Saturday. November 1 [1834]. CFA Saturday. November 1 [1834]. CFA
Saturday. November 1 1834.

The morning was cold but it became clear and thus our precautions of yesterday were disappointed. I went into town leaving my Mother pretty comfortable and arranging the progress of her Journey. I was occupied at the Office in my Accounts and in looking over the remainder of my brother George’s papers which require destruction.1 My time is exceedingly brief now as I cannot very conveniently get into town much before ten o’clock. Went to Medford. Afternoon with my children, but I accomplished some German.

The brightest year of my life is passing and I am sacrificing it to others. I am more wound up in the interest of merely domestic affairs than ever I was, and the bustle of the external world with all its turbulence and confusion appears to me only as through a glass darkly. I am now the only son of my father, the only representative in my generation of the distinguished branch of the name and I am vegetating in a useless hot-bed of enervating luxury. Doing less than ever and yet I trust not entirely useless.


See above, entry for 27 Feb. 1833, note.