Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Monday. 9th.

Wednesday. 11th.

Tuesday. 10th. CFA Tuesday. 10th. CFA
Tuesday. 10th.

Cold still. I finished Mrs. Trollope’s book and hastened to return it at once to the Athenaeum without wasting any more time upon it. 73Then to the Office where I transacted business with Mr. Stephen Brown. According to my intention I have sold T. B. Adams’ shares in the Boylston Market at a very handsome advance upon what I paid for them. The next question is a difficult one, to reinvest. My time taken up in reading the opinions of the Judges in the Thellusen cause. Walk. Air fine.

Received a letter from my Mother reproaching me for my low spirits and in a more alarmed tone than I had anticipated. I must write to her no more such letters as that which caused this.1 I meant only to indulge in a little of the luxury of complaint. Ovid.

Mr. P. R. Dalton, Stephen Gorham, P. C. Brooks Jr. and Edward Brooks dined here, and remained quite late. I did nothing. Read in the Foreign Quarterly Review an Article upon German Architecture which interested me much.2 Mr. R. D. Tucker came in and passed the evening. Day therefore wasted.

The Senate of Massachusetts again elected my father to the Senate on their part and by an increased vote—He having probably at this time the whole Suffolk and Hampshire vote besides his own.3 It is complimentary to him but the result is extremely doubtful. Feelings are now becoming involved. I know nothing of it but rely upon a higher power for the best result.


6 Feb. (Adams Papers), a reply to CFA’s of 30 January.


“The Present School of Architecture in Germany,” 14:92–118 (Aug. 1834).


That is, besides the delegation from JQA’s own county, Norfolk.