Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Friday. 15th.

Sunday. 17th.

Saturday. 16th. CFA Saturday. 16th. CFA
Saturday. 16th.

The day was showery with gleams of sunshine. I read a Canto of the Fairy Queen and went to the office. Mr. Spear came in from Quincy and paid me some Money. I gave him some directions about the Garden at Quincy but as I do not feel quite at liberty to leave home for a great while together I told him I could hardly see to it myself.

I took a walk towards the north end of the town in order to judge of the changes and improvements which are taking place, then home where after finishing the first Satire of Juvenal I began Gifford’s Translation.1 My attention was attracted to the extraordinary Account of himself given in the Preface. I have never read a more striking story. He was a man of powerful faculties and his energy carried him 140through. Afternoon continued Duclos, and worked through the greater part of my Pamphlet Catalogue.2 This is tedious, but I have nobody to do it for me.

Read some of Mad. du Deffand—How little to inspire respect, or affection in her character—Not even dévote which used to be the last resort of profligate women. She was licentious in early life, and atheistical in age. Evening at home. I passed it with my Wife in conversation. She remains much the same. Continued Wilhelm Meister.


A copy, London, 1806, with JQA’s bookplate is at MQA.


See vol. 4:107–108, 113.