Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Wednesday. 20th.

Friday. 22d.

Thursday. 21st. CFA Thursday. 21st. CFA
Thursday. 21st.

The wind changed during the night and it was a raw, cold and cloudy morning. I continued my practice of committing some lines and today took twenty and propose to continue gradually to increase in proportion as I can bear it.

Went to the Office. Occupied there in Diary and in attempt to balance my books previous to doing it. After working a good while I found they came out right with the exception of a single entry which I had made incorrectly. This encourages me, so much that I think I shall after the first of the month incorporate all my Accounts into one, and no longer keep a double set of books.

Walk in quest of Mechanics with whom it would seem I am not 143soon to finish. Home. Juvenal. Read over the first Satire without notes. Afternoon, excessively drowsy and did little. Read a few pages of Duclos whose style is evidently on the Tacitus plan—A very good style but not for every day use. Evening at home, alone and quiet. Got the Picture sent to the Athenaeum. Wilhelm.