Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 10th.

Saturday. 12th.

Friday. 11th. CFA Friday. 11th. CFA
Friday. 11th.

Morning so stormy that I could not very conveniently go to Quincy as I had wished and intended. Office where I was occupied partly in Accounts and partly in trying to redeem the arrears of my Diary. But 129the election returns absorb so much interest as to consume more leisure than ought to be spared. The appearances today are decidedly in favour of Mr. Van Buren in Pennsylvania although by a much reduced majority. This would seem to put an end to the exultation on the other side, but it does not, or rather the appearances are kept up for the purpose of operating upon the vote here next Monday.1 I called at the Advocate Office to look over their papers. Nothing decisive to be gathered from them. Home. Livy. Afternoon, continuing Grahame. My spirits by no means remarkable. Evening reading Lamartine to my Wife.


Congress did not set a uniform date on which elections for federal office would be held in all the states until 1845.