Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Friday. 27th.

Sunday. 29th.

Saturday 28th. CFA Saturday 28th. CFA
Saturday 28th.

The weather is certainly very superior to our’s, being free from the admixture of chilly East winds. We started a little before 7 in the Steamer for Wilmington, which we reached at about 10 and from thence took the cars to Baltimore. Nobody of our acquaintance with us but Madame Caradori Allan and her husband. We reached Baltimore 31at about one and found Gorham Brooks waiting for us at the depot. With him we went to his house. His Wife looks thin and anxious which is traceable to the condition of their younger child, which suffers from an eruption on the skin. Dined and spent the afternoon with him. Evening, Mr. West called to see Mrs. B., a painter of some merit. I walked down to Barnum’s to see T. K. Davis who came in with the Afternoon cars. Retire early quite fatigued.