Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Sunday. 29th.

Tuesday. May 1.

Monday. 30th. CFA Monday. 30th. CFA
Monday. 30th.

Colder. I left Baltimore at nine, and my Wife who is to remain two days longer. I left it rather willingly because I thought I saw both upon the spirits of Gorham Brooks and of his Wife a burden in the condition 32of their child which made visitors a little fatiguing. The effort to be attentive and civil is rather perplexing and provoking in such cases, I know, and although no attention has in my case been spared, yet I was glad to escape from them.

Met Davis, and by noon we got to Washington. J. P. Kennedy, the newly elected Whig member from Baltimore was in the cars and was cheered on his departure. Politics now run very high.

Found the carriage waiting for me, so I immediately went to my fathers, where I found my mother and the family well. T. B. Johnson came in, who looks far from sick certainly. I started directly to find Davis who had gone to Gadsby’s, but not being successful I walked on to the Capitol; found my father speaking upon the duelling question; the attention of the house very great but I could not stop. Back to Gadsby’s and being more successful this time, we went together to call upon the French Minister who gives a ball tomorrow night, and to find better lodgings for him.

My father did not get home until very late so that we dined by candle light and after it, I had a long conversation with him about Mr. Biddle and the course of his bank. To bed, therefore very late.