Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Friday June 1st.

Sunday 3d.

Saturday. 2d. CFA Saturday. 2d. CFA
Saturday. 2d.

Morning cloudy but it cleared away warm. In resuming my usual routine of domestic occupations I feel a repugnance which I can myself hardly account for. These intervals of amusement ought not to strike me with so much preference over the habits of home. The secret must lie in a slavery to money to which my mind ought not to be subjected, but the thing cannot be avoided.

Almost all my time was taken up this morning in attendance upon an auction sale to buy a carriage or gig for my mother or myself. Accomplished the first but failed in the other. By this time one of my head achs began to set in with severity and my afternoon was of course sacrificed to languid indolence. Sidney and his Wife came in for a short time, and I was barely able to sit up until they left the House.