Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Sunday 3d.

Tuesday 5th.

Monday 4th. CFA Monday 4th. CFA
Monday 4th.

Fine day, the usual attendant upon Artillery Election.1 I went down to the Office and was occupied very soon in Accounts. Mr. Kirk from Quincy came in with the horses and I then had to work very briskly to get every thing in order for him to return in good season. I had also to finish the orders for the remainder of the furniture and bedding, and for this purpose met my Wife at the Asylum for the blind,2 to select it. Thus the time passed so rapidly that I found the hour for dinner had arrived and I returned home weary enough.

The afternoons in these cases ought at least to be allowed me, and 58yet I feel ashamed not to improve it more than in reading the wishy washy collections of the English Society for entertaining knowledge.3 Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham and children here during part of the Afternoon. And the noise of guns and of people quite intolerable.

Evening, T. K. Davis came in, the first time that I have seen him. He appeared lively enough but had little that was new. His Washington journey has enlarged his views if it has not resulted in fixing his party principles.


On the day of Artillery Election, see vol. 3:255.


Probably the Perkins Institution for the Blind; see vol. 5:79.


For the Library of Entertaining Knowledge, see vol. 3:51.