Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Saturday 11th.

Monday 13th.

Sunday 12th. CFA Sunday 12th. CFA
Sunday 12th.

A clear fine day in which the beauty of the landscape again shone out with the greater effect from the previous days of mist. I read a little of the Horae Paulinae in the morning and found the MS Paper book which had been omitted during my revisal of the copy, so I corrected it in part.

Attended divine service and heard Mr. N. Hall of Dorchester preach from James. 4. 14. “What is your life?” Afternoon Psalms. “God hath set the solitary in families.” Both these discourses bear the stamp of Mr. Hall’s mind, a meditative, rather poetical spirit, cast in the mould of the dreamer rather than the observer of life as it is. I am so little in this way myself that I fear I cannot do justice to those who are. Mr. Hall dined with us.

After service I read a discourse by Dr. Clark from the English Preacher. Proverbs 14. 9. “Fools make a mock at sin.” The definition of courage as distinct from audacity or insolence which disregards religion, and hence the unreasonable nature of their behaviour. A sensible sermon but not great—the characteristic by the way of most of those from the British Church. Read a little of Lockhart’s last volume, which has a very interesting piece of Diary, and Bayle. Evening at the Mansion. Spirits a little affected.