Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Thursday 20th.

Saturday 22d.

Friday 21st. CFA Friday 21st. CFA
Friday 21st.

Fine day. Distribution as usual. Evening at home.

Office as usual where I had a variety of little matters but no regular nor useful occupation. Alcestis the review of which is very interesting.

Coins after dinner. And Crevier. My ignorance of the History of the Roman Emperors strikes me very much now I am upon it. The little I got from a careless perusal of part of Tacitus at Cambridge is nothing at all. What is the knowledge got at College? A negative quantity I say.

Reflecting today upon the subject of yesterday and more and more struck with the fact of the entire isolation of my position in life. And yet perhaps this is one incident in my good fortune. Who knows? In my system of reliance I draw great comfort from this idea.