Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

January 1839. Tuesday 1st.

Thursday 3d.

Wednesday 2d. CFA Wednesday 2d. CFA
Wednesday 2d.

Pleasant morning. Distribution as usual. Evening at Governor Everett’s.

I was very much occupied at the Office by the making up of my Accounts and the business of paying money which becomes more extensive with me every year. The multiplication of my engagements is by no means a favorable sign with me of the improvement of my property, but having now arrived at the end of the first outlay upon my country house and furniture, I hope to correct my course in future.

Home to read Electra parts of which I remember very well but other parts did not impress themselves upon me at all. Coins as usual.

Evening to a small party at the Governor’s. Made apparently for Mr. Chapin and his Wife who are here from Vermont and who on account of his kindness to poor Horatio Brooks who is there,1 is treated with civility by the family. Also for Col. Howard of Springfield, who is a member of the Council and has a daughter with him now.2 There was as usual an entertainment to profuseness. Nothing of interest and home early.


Apparently no improvement in Horatio Brooks’ condition was to be expected (above, entries for 1 Sept. 1837, 6 Sept. 1838); he remained alive, however, until 1843.


John Howard of Springfield, a member of the Governor’s Council.