Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Wednesday May 1.

Friday. 3d.

228 Thursday 2d. CFA Thursday 2d. CFA
Thursday 2d.

Rain but afterwards cleared. Railway to Boston. Afternoon to Quincy. Evening at Mr. Otis’.

The fog was such that the boat could not attempt to enter Stonington until after daylight and indeed she only made her way along all night by soundings. There was thunder and lightning too. At about six we were transferred to the Cars and did not reach Boston until nearly noon. I went home directly and from thence to the Office.

Mr. Brooks and my father dined with me, after which the latter accompanied me to Quincy where I found things much in the same state in which I left them.

Returned home alone and went with my Wife by invitation to Mr. Otis’s. Mrs. Ritchie had asked us again and I determined that this long delayed affair should be settled. It was a little company consisting of F. Dexter and his Wife, Mr. J. L. Motley and his Wife, Mr. and Miss Appleton, Mrs. Child, Mr. Inglis and T. G. Bradford. These were very few of my acquaintance and I felt awkwardly enough. But I was called to cards and this with a little supper finished the evening. Glad to get away however as I had slept little.