Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Tuesday 16th.

Thursday 18th.

Wednesday 17th. CFA Wednesday 17th. CFA
Wednesday 17th.

Fine day and warm. At home. Dine at the Mansion and evening.

This season is a fine one although the early part of it has proved so inconvenient. The summer weather is now setting in finely.

Mr. Hunt has sent me another letter with a request for an examination of Alexander Hamilton’s Pamphlet.1 I have felt a little inclined to make some strictures upon it before this and so I sat down today to try my hand at them. But I did not go very far.

Read some of Texier and more of Lessing. Dinner with the family below. After it, the third book of the Annals of Tacitus. The Claudian family do no honor to human nature. Tiberius seems to have been a singular mixture of discordant elements, but a thorough politician of a small scale. Grimm who is always amusing to me. Evening at my father’s.


Letter missing.