Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Friday. 16th.

Sunday 18th.

Saturday 17th. CFA Saturday 17th. CFA
Saturday 17th.

Cold and fog. At home all day. Evening visit to Mr. Appleton’s.

My occupation this morning was pretty steady. I finished the long letter which has taken me all the week. Read and reflected upon the material for a Lecture and a little of Menzel. This with a walk with my children into town consumed the whole morning. After dinner Tacitus book 14 of Annals, s 21 to 40, and Grimm, who is a kind of cold scoffer at whose selfsufficiency one is apt to become a little angry.

In the evening, the ladies went up to take tea with Mrs. Adams, and I walked up to pay a visit to Mr. Appleton. He has a large family of grown up children. Not particularly interesting.