Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Wednesday 21st.

Friday. 23d.

283 Thursday 22d. CFA Thursday 22d. CFA
Thursday 22d.

Warm day, bath, at home. Evening to Mrs. Adams’s.

Another extremely warm day. I went and took a bath at the Wharf this morning alone, the pleasantest of the season. Then at work upon copy which I pursued vigorously until noon. An hour devoted to Storch’s Economie politique, another to Menzel, both good and profitable studies. After dinner twenty sections of Tacitus and Grimm.

Mrs. John Adams and E. C. Adams dined with us and my father spent the day in town. In the evening I walked home with the latter of the ladies mentioned and spent an hour in conversation with Mrs. Adams. The men have been engaged yesterday and today in clearing the ditch below my house.