Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Wednesday 30th.

Friday November 1st.

Thursday 31st. CFA Thursday 31st. CFA
Thursday 31st.

Chilly with clouds. At home. Evening at the Mansion.

I was at home all day but was unable to make the progress in writing which I expected because of some little transplanting left to do. As the season is now nearly over, I thought it as well to finish off with the remaining trees which have been taken up, although I had no place 318left very favorable to put them in. This over which took nearly all day I had no time left for any thing else so that my article for Hunt’s Magazine appears not likely to be ready.

Evening at my father’s. He had been to town and dined at Lieutt. Govr. Winthrop’s. He had learned there the fact of my refusal of yesterday and as he says of the appointment of a Committee to wait upon me and urge my acceptance. I. P. Davis and R. C. Winthrop had both spoken to him of it with regret and had requested of him to use his influence with me to withdraw it, which he seemed a little inclined to do. I stated my reasons very simply to which he made no reply. This is rather a flattering circumstance to me who have not been heretofore used to any complimentary excesses, and perhaps this little will turn my head. I however see no reason to shake my confidence in the justice of my determination.