Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Monday 4th.

Wednesday 6th.

Tuesday 5th. CFA Tuesday 5th. CFA
Tuesday 5th.

At home. Fine day. Evening at the Mansion.

We are all in a state of great depression of spirits from the declining condition of Little Fanny. Even my Wife who has heretofore retained her cheerfulness about it appears now to despair. This makes our stay here quite melancholy.

I was occupied a greater part of the morning upon my article for Mr. Hunt which I brought well forward to completion. It is not what I intended but the time prevents my doing more. And indeed my disposition also which is a little fatigued by the long service I have now been in. Since the early part of last November my pen has been running almost without cessation.

The afternoon was passed in making all the preparations for removal. The day had been very fine but it clouded towards sunset and appeared very threatening. After a visit from Mr. I. J. Carr1 I called as usual at the Mansion and sat with the family.


In the MS, Mr. Carr’s initials appear to be I or J. However, the likelihood is that the visitor was John G. Carr, an Adams tenant and the only Carr referred to earlier in the Diary.