Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Wednesday 28th.

Friday 30th.

Thursday 29th. CFA Thursday 29th. CFA
Thursday 29th.

Morning chilly and many Clouds reminding us of the rapid approach of Winter. I was at my Office all the morning and occupied in reading a part of the Memoir of Arthur Lee which is interesting. He certainly took a very considerable part in the early Stages of the revolution and that on a stage where he was in some measure alone. I found some letters from my Grandfather which struck me as favourably as any thing I had ever read of his.1 The force and fire which was so characteristic of him are both to be found here in full strength. Arthur Lee was apparently a favourite of his. I read also a little of Marshall. My interruptions were numerous but not long. Richardson came in only for a few minutes to warm himself, Mr. Curtis with a letter for my Father which he wished to send directly and Mr. Clapp the Mason to consult about the Rumford at Quincy. My father wants every thing put into it, which will materially increase the expense and be of little use. I gave the Mason my own opinion and he went to follow it.

After dinner and continuing my Catalogue I commenced the Oration of Aeschines upon the Crown and read twenty lines for my afternoon’s work. It was not as difficult as I anticipated and I had time after translating them to read the Summary of Auger and his remarks upon the two Orations. My afternoon was thus well and usefully employed. Evening passed downstairs with Abby, and read the second part of the Menageries published by the Society for Useful 61Knowledge containing the Account of the Camel and the Deer. But it seems to me the publication would be more useful if it took the Horse and the Cow, animals which we know by observation, but of which we may still desire information. Read five Chapters of John.


Eleven letters from JA to Arthur Lee, 1778–1788, are printed in R. H. Lee’s Life of Arthur Lee, 2:242–262; see note on preceding entry.