Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Saturday 3rd.

Monday. 5th.

Sunday. 4th. CFA Sunday. 4th. CFA
Sunday. 4th.

The morning was cool but clear. After some deliberation, we decided upon going to Medford, and as usual went in Mr. P. C. Brooks’ gig which we borrowed. Having arrived there, we went to Meeting with Mr. Brooks all day, and heard Mr. Parkman of Boston preach two Sermons. One upon the dangers of adversity, and another which though I liked parts of it, is entirely out of my recollection. Mr. Park-205man has certainly improved very much within a few years. He has parted considerably with an ugly whine he used to have, which made a sensible thing appear in his mouth silly. I am inclined to believe that this gentleman by reason of some eccentricities of appearance and manner has been very considerably underrated. After all, sterling merit lies in the mind and heart.

The remainder of the day was passed much as usual. I was occupied in reading several articles in the American Quarterly, Mr. Walsh’s production,1 which in this last Number has considerable talent, and smartness, though I cannot say that I admire much the sentiment in one or two instances. The Evening was passed in conversation with Mr. Brooks who was very pleasant. His kindness of manner produces an effect to bind me here to attend him at least once a week, when much happens in regard to Charlotte which I would much prefer to have had omitted.


On Robert Walsh (1784–1859), of Philadelphia, editor of the American Quarterly Review, 1827–1837, see DAB .