Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Wednesday. 2d.

Friday. 4th.

Thursday. 3rd. CFA Thursday. 3rd. CFA
Thursday. 3rd.

Morning clear and warm. I went down to my Office early in order to find out something in relation to my father’s arrival, but could not succeed. Concluded upon taking my chance of finding them.1 So after making several arrangements, I went off in a horse and gig with my Wife at ten o’clock, and we soon reached Quincy. We found there my father only, he having left the rest of the party at Providence to come on more gradually. We did expect them before dinner but the time wore away and nobody came so that we dined without them. My father looks in very good health and seemed in tolerable spirits. We had a great deal of conversation upon general subject of politics and family matters. He did not seem quite so comfortably situated as he was last year.

At six o’clock my Mother came, with Mrs. J. Adams and Child.2 They looked fatigued and worried. And bore the appearance which always so unaccountably attends all their proceedings.3 I conversed with them briefly and argued the point with my Mother mildly, as to my determination not to go to Quincy to reside, but my Uncle and his 253family came in which shook our decision, and we left them late to return. Found the other Servants at our House who had come by Water.4


JQA had written a note to CFA at 7 p.m. on the evening before, announcing his arrival at Quincy at 5 (Adams Papers), but apparently it had not been delivered before CFA left for Quincy.


Mary Louisa Adams (b. 1828), daughter of JA2; see vol. 2:320 and Adams Genealogy.


The family left New York on the afternoon of 1 June by steamboat President, Capt. Bunker, and landed at Providence the next day after a rough passage. JQA took the stage at once, leaving LCA and her charges to follow by carriage. Because the child was seized with a “fainting or convulsion fit,” LCA decided that they would remain overnight in Providence (JQA, Diary, 3 June).


Mrs. Mary Ann Pitts, Mrs. Elizabeth Kirke, and daughter journeyed by sea. Leaving Washington on 21 May, they reached Quincy on the 4th (LCA to CFA, 23 May, Adams Papers; JQA, Diary, 4 June).