Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Monday. August 2d.

Wednesday. 4th.

Tuesday. 3d. CFA Tuesday. 3d. CFA
Tuesday. 3d.

Morning to town. Weather cloudy and it rained a little. I was very busy during the day, first in going to the House to get the Certificates of State Bank Stock. I felt a little melancholy upon going there. It is not to be denied that I should relish being there for my individual self above any other place. I dressed myself and returned to the Office from whence I went to meet Mr. Degrand and then effected the transfer of all my Father’s Interest in the State Bank. I then deposited the money, and found my father in town and at my Office ready to finish. He then placed three thousand dollars at the disposal of T. B. Adams Jr. and finished the whole business.1 He then gave me several bills to pay which carried me all the way to the Boylston Market, on my return dropped in to the sale of Stocks which went enormously high so I gave up the notion of buying. My Uncle, the Judge called in and Mr. Curtis to see my father, who went out at one and thus consumed my day.

Returned to Medford and after dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, and Mr. and Mrs. Gorham Brooks with Miss Silsbee came over to spend the afternoon and take tea. The last young lady has had much fame, but a less pleasing young woman to me has seldom been seen in my experience.2 I think Ellen3 is a fine woman, and though there is much in her lot which might try many, she seems to bear it all with great patience. I see nothing in Gorham Brooks, which tells well for his character. My feelings may be prejudiced but they do not commonly deceive me. Quiet Evening.


On the sale of JQA’s shares in the State Bank and on the use of part of the proceeds to pay Thomas B. Adams Jr., on his twenty-first birthday, his devise from JA, see 22 May, above.


Georgiana Silsbee is identified at vol. 2:160.


That is, Mrs. Gorham Brooks.