Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Thursday. 26th.

Saturday. 28th.

Friday 27th. CFA Friday 27th. CFA
Friday 27th.

The Weather looked so exceedingly doubtful that I did not feel very secure to move and in hesitating I lost the proper time. So I occupied myself all the morning in continuing my Catalogue which I now feel hurried to complete. My progress was quite considerable. The afternoon was taken up in finishing the German Books which completes the Catalogue as first taken, the only remaining work being now to finish it in the other way and copy the whole. Enough in all conscience.

The weather changed and became so fine that I asked my father to ride down with me and look at the Mount Wollaston Farm. We accordingly went down and I never saw the place look more beautifully. 310The natural advantages of the place are very great, and tempt me very much to commit foolish imprudences. I am sensible of an absurdity in my desire to go there, but the property is destined to hang in the family and upon me if any body, and I should like at least to think of improving it.

Our object ostensibly was to select a site for a young Orchard, but as it is commonly with my father we did nothing but talk and look round. It is a little singular how thoroughly speculative he is in his views, and how vain it is to hope for practical results which in any other case one might expect. Returned home and passed the evening as usual.