Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Tuesday 31st.

Thursday. Sept. 2d.

Wednesday. September 1st. CFA Wednesday. September 1st. CFA
Wednesday. September 1st.

Morning cool but pleasant. Rode to town as usual and passed my Morning in my common occupations. Went to look at the House which might have suffered by the rain although it did not. Felt grievously as if I wanted to be in it. Purchased of Mr. Brown ten shares of the Boylston Market Stock for T. B. Adams, and found a little time today to read Hutchinson. My morning flew and I returned to Quincy to work upon my Catalogue with new vigour, but it goes on rather slowly, and I am now apprehensive will not be finished in time for my return.

Purchased my Winter’s Stock of Coal today at eleven dollars per Chaldron which appeared to me to be very moderate. The expense for Winter Fuel is always grievous. Evening a walk and visit to Mrs. T. B. Adams, where Abby had taken tea. We returned so that I pursued my Catalogue another hour.