Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Sunday. 28th.

Tuesday. 30th.

Monday. 29th. CFA Monday. 29th. CFA
Monday. 29th.

The morning was cloudy and cold. It cleared away however in the course of the day. We returned to town with Mr. Brooks and had a pretty cold time. I got to the Office very late indeed so that I could do little or nothing, except write my Journal. Mr. A. H. Everett called to see me and gave a final answer about taking his Office. He agreed to begin upon the 1st of the month.1 This is well, and now I have only the small house unrented out of all my father’s property here. I hope this will not remain long upon my hands. Should it not, I should feel extremely gratified to have every inch of his Estate profitable at the same time. I walked down to see the repairs at the Wooden Tenements, and was glad to find that they were nearly finished. This has been a long and an expensive job.

After dinner I finished Cicero de Oratore, but the last has been read most superficially, so that I began the whole again for a final and thorough review. For this I am the better prepared as I have both the Notes of the edition d’Olivet, and a translation by Guthrie.2 I accomplished the first seven sections fully. Evening, Corinne, and Lady Morgan, interrupted however by Edmund Quincy who passed two hours here. Finished the tenth Book of Paradise Lost in review, began the eleventh and read two Numbers of the Tatler.


See above, entry for 9 October. The tenancy of a room in the 23 Court Street building as an editorial office for the North American Review continued until Dec. 1833 at an annual rent of $80 (M/CFA/3).


William Guthrie’s translation was published at London in 1742.