Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Sunday. 6th.

Tuesday. 8th.

Monday. 7th. CFA Monday. 7th. CFA
Monday. 7th.

Morning at the Office. Busy as usual in my avocations and had very little time to pursue my examination of the maxims of the wise men which I resumed after a lapse of some time. In truth during the intensely cold weather we have had, it is a severe thing to sit down and write at all. I have a good deal of that to do always in addition to which this comes hard. I find also that a good deal of my time is wasted in the reading of Newspapers. My morning evaporates in spite of myself.

After dinner I finished the first Oration against Verres, and began the second, all the early part of which is only a repetition of what he has already said. But he then enters into the heart of the subject. It is a pity that you are obliged to imagine this to have been delivered as the Delinquent fled the Contest, and made the whole series unnecessary.

In the Evening I attended the annual Meeting of the Proprietors of Boylston Market to see an Account of their expenditure and receipt. Upon the election of Directors, I was very much surprised to find myself put upon the list. It was not my wish to undertake this which is very certainly a more troublesome situation than that in the Middlesex Canal, but I did not feel at liberty to decline it. Upon the election of Clerk, I was again put in nomination and chosen, which I disliked exceedingly. Though of the two, I should have preferred having that alone to the other. Returned home at nine o’clock and read the Latin Grammar and the Tatler.