Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Tuesday. 22nd.

Thursday. 24th.

Wednesday 23rd. CFA Wednesday 23rd. CFA
Wednesday 23rd.

Morning rainy and warm. The Snow began to go off in quantity and gave us some intimation of the decline of the Winter. I went to the Office and received from my brother the Pamphlet upon Mr. Calhoun’s affair. Conversed also with Mr. Peabody upon an article in a Baptist paper criticising my Article in the Review. It is rather severe and in some particulars correct.1 I read over some of the Correspondence again and on the whole passed my day pretty lazily for I am not sensible of having accomplished any thing.

Took a short walk though the weather was bad and returned home. Mr. Frothingham and Mr. Peabody dined with me upon venison. Tolerably pleasant. Mr. Angier, Abby’s friend came in immediately afterward. I went to my study however at four o’clock and read twenty sections of the Oration de Signis. They were not difficult. This has more of the elegant fluency of Cicero’s manner than any other of his upon this subject that I have yet read.

Evening at home. Miss Adams went out to spend the evening and I resumed the Jealous Wife to my Wife when interrupted by a visit from Mr. Degrand, who remained and talked Politics all the evening. No time afterward except to read the Tatler.


In the issue of the Christian Watchman (the organ of the Baptist Missionary Society of Massachusetts) for 14 Jan., a communication signed “Secundus” (p. 2, col. 2), and in that of 18 Feb., another signed “Tertius” (p. 2, col. 5), took the author of the North American Review article on Grahame’s History to task for the inaccuracy and unfairness of his comments on Roger Williams.