Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 10th.

Wednesday. 12th.

Tuesday. 11th. CFA Tuesday. 11th. CFA
Tuesday. 11th.

Very high wind with heavy rain during the day. I could not remain at the Office with any comfort. So I concluded to abandon my regular plan of study, and to go into the House, where I might take up Mr. Jefferson’s Memoir. This I did and read a considerable portion of it relating to the period of our Revolution. But as it stopped raining I thought I would for exercise go down and try fishing, but the wind was so high I could catch nothing so that I soon returned home.

Afternoon. Read but slowly and superficially some of the fourteenth Book of Letters to Atticus. The Afternoons now grow so short as to prevent much study. I was also excessively drowsy and required exertion to keep me awake.

Today, I experienced for the first time a strong desire to be at home—As the weather makes the House here pretty cheerless. My 155Wife has however recovered so much that I feel quite thankful for our visit here. Miss Roberdeau was quite dull today and could not enliven herself with music. I read one or two Articles in the North American Review, and was very much disgusted with them. Read an Essay of Bacon’s “Of Negotiating” and the Spectator. We had an alarm from a Chair cover catching fire in my Wife’s room.