Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 9th.

Friday. 11th.

Thursday. 10th. CFA Thursday. 10th. CFA
Thursday. 10th.

Morning pleasant but it became cloudy and wet before night. I went to the Office and passed my time in my usual wasting way. Mr. Eddy called with a Notice of meeting of the Middlesex Canal. I spent a little time with Mr. Peabody, and the balance in reflecting upon the subject of Antimasonry which the Debating Society have taken up as a part of their subjects and the one to be discussed on Saturday. I may be called out upon it. Mr. Minot asked me to step in and look at some odd volumes of Mr. Welsh’s books which might have belonged to my Father. I did find a Volume of the Causes Celebres at which I was mightily pleased for this was one of my father’s broken sets.1

Afternoon. Began reading over Cicero’s Lucullus and from consulting Enfield and Middleton I found myself making much more rapid way than before. In Latin, a great deal depends upon having the subject well fixed in your mind.

In the evening I read to my Wife part of the Biography of George 4th, giving an account of the War on the Continent under Napoleon. 174I must read Walter Scott’s Biography of that wonderful man.2 Finished Condillac’s Art d’Ecrire from which I have got no new ideas. Indeed by this time I ought to know my A. B. C. and be out of leading strings. Read the Spectator.


JQA’s bookplate is in each volume of the 22-vol. set at MQA of F. Gayot de Pitaval, Causes célèbres et intéressantes, The Hague, 1745–1746. That the first volume was the one that had been borrowed and was now reclaimed is suggested by JQA’s name in it, in CFA’s hand, on the verso of the front end-paper.


But see below, entry for 26 April 1832, note.