Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday 22d.

Monday. 24th.

Sunday. 23d. CFA Sunday. 23d. CFA
Sunday. 23d.

Fine clear morning with a much cooler air than heretofore. I was busy during the morning in pasting labels into my father’s books. Not a very appropriate occupation but one which I feel never will be done unless I do it. How many things there are among those connected with Quincy, about which I have precisely the same feeling. Perhaps it is all vanity on my part.

Attended Divine Service and heard Dr. Lowell of Boston preach. His Sermons are always simple and impressive—Calculated to affect in a considerable degree a good many People. His morning discourse was upon the presence of God in all our actions. And he dined with us.1 Afternoon I do not quite remember.

I passed my time after Service in working upon the new arrangement of the J.A. letters. Evening quiet at home. Mr. D. Greenleaf passed an hour.


“Dr. Lowell dined with us, and his son James Russell, a boy eleven or twelve years old” (JQA, Diary, 23 Sept.).