Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 5th.

Sunday. 7th.

Saturday. 6th. CFA Saturday. 6th. CFA
Saturday. 6th.

Fine weather. I went to the Office and was engaged in writing and Accounts most of the Morning. Received a letter from my father1 together with the Deed returned to the purchasers of the Boylston Property. I forwarded it directly to Mr. Curtis. Looked over my Affairs carefully, then drew up a Lease to settle with Mr. Fuller the new Tenant, and then went up to the House to examine it. The workmen were in it. From thence I went to an auction sale of Wines which consumed half an hour. And I had no time for my regular walk.

After dinner, read for two hours in Botta’s History translated in a pretty bald manner by Mr. G. A. Otis. I filled another hour with Schiller. The days having grown so much longer, I have to improve a morning hour, with which I read Horace’s Satires. On the whole my present distribution of labour pleases me.

Evening quietly at home. Read to my Wife. My cold was tolerably uncomfortable, and My Wife seemed to be following the example. Evening, not yet having regular labour, I commenced the Account of the Excavations at Pompeii, in the Library of Entertaining Knowledge.


1 April (Adams Papers).