Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 18th.

Friday. 20th.

Thursday. 19th. CFA Thursday. 19th. CFA
Thursday. 19th.

The weather cloudy but the wind has ceased. I went to the Office and was engaged in reading and writing. Received a letter from my Mother by which being informed that she had sent some Curtains to me,1 I had them insured at the Columbian Office for their presumed value here. Received from my father a letter for Mr. Hallett.2 He called for it, and we had a conversation which kept me from my dinner. He is in great distress from my father’s course. And he urged me to impress upon him the necessity of changing some features of the Address. I am satisfied myself that it would be expedient.

I wrote all the Afternoon.3 In the evening my Wife and I to the Theatre. Mr. and Mrs. Wood. Der Freyschutz. Weber’s music. The choruses with one exception failed. Mr. Wood’s voice is as a whole the best I have heard here. It is not so well trained as Garcia’s. She sings very well but I do not relish her style. Too much dashing and not that delicacy which struck me in Mrs. Austin, nor the deep intonations of the Signorina.4 Yet it is decidedly pleasant to hear such music. Comer fails in serious parts. The Orchestra pretty good. Music wild and wonderful. Home and to bed early.


LCA to ABA, 11–14 Dec., written in journal form at ABA’s suggestion, and continuing an earlier letter, 8–10 Dec., in the same form (both in Adams Papers).


To B. F. Hallett, 16 Dec. (LbC, Adams Papers). Principally a defense of JQA’s proposed course against the charge that Hallett had predicted would be raised: that once again JQA had shown disregard for the claims of party.


To JQA, 19 Dec. (Adams Papers). A renewed plea to that made in CFA’s earlier letter of the 16th that JQA remove from his address any mention of election by plurality and any endorsement of Davis. The same points were further urged in two letters of the 19th from Hallett to JQA (both in Adams Papers).


On CFA’s recollections of Manuel Garcia, his celebrated daughter, Signorina Maria Felicita (Mrs. Malibran), and Mrs. Elizabeth Austin, see below, note to entry for 24 April 1834.