Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 27th.

Tuesday. 29th.

Monday. 28th. CFA Monday. 28th. CFA
Monday. 28th.

Morning clear but uncommonly cold for the Season—A sharp frost. I read Helen, a novel by Miss Edgeworth. After a lapse of many years she has ventured with a new work. I am much pleased with the beginning of it and give her credit at once for maintaining her interest in the style.

Office, finished the first volume of Jefferson and was occupied with T. B Adams’ Accounts for the half year. Then a walk. Afternoon at home. Tried to work upon my new scheme but failed and concluded to give it up as a bad job. I must take Macbeth’s motto and let chance crown me without my stir.1

Read Helen by way of relaxation from my graver studies which now turn out to have been disorganized without any sort of benefit to come from it. Evening, went down to Mr. Frothingham’s where my Wife had taken tea. Mr. Brooks was there. Conversation upon the philanthropic schemes of the present day. Returned at ten.


Macbeth, Act I, Scene iii, lines 143–144.