Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 8th.

Sunday. 10th.

Saturday. 9th. CFA Saturday. 9th. CFA
Saturday. 9th.

Cool morning. I went to town in my own way, Mr. Brooks being about to dine abroad to day. Went to the House to obtain the Keys and some books. Also on several Commissions. Conversation with Mr. Walsh and Mr. Odiorne.1 The latter called upon me to inquire if I would accept the nomination as one of the delegates to the Antimasonic Convention on the 10th of September. I asked him what the probable course of the party would be. He said to nominate my father, but in case of his refusal, Mr. Everett and should he decline, then to join in the nomination of Judge Morton. This at least seemed to be the feeling of the State Committee. I told him that my opposition to Judge Morton was so determined, it ought to be known before I was chosen a Delegate. I should go there mainly to oppose a nomination. If it was thought fit to select me as one with that understanding I should accept the appointment. We then went into an examination of the difficulties of the case and it’s probable effect upon general affairs. He left me, intimating that he should report my acceptance with the condition to the contrary nevertheless. Returned home to dine. Afternoon the reading of German and of Ovid. Evening, a visit with my Wife at Mrs. Hall’s and Mrs. Angier’s.


On George Odiorne, see Darling, Political Changes in Mass. , p. 87.