Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Tuesday. 4th.

Thursday. 6th.

Wednesday. 5th. CFA Wednesday. 5th. CFA
Wednesday. 5th.

I thought it likely to rain and therefore would not go into town particularly as I had many little last things to do, and wished to take a few hours of fishing for the last time. I accomplished my objects and caught a few smelts. This brought me to the dinner hour. On my return home found my Wife and the two children with their Nurse from Medford come to see my Mother before her departure. This is always a heavy business, transporting a family.

The Afternoon was spent in much confusion of course. I did nothing but read a little of one of my father’s Manuscript Letter books of old Russian reminiscences. And illegible word 1 chance would have it Mrs. Smith began talking them over in the evening. There were other papers curious also but fearful. When I look back and reflect upon the last sixty years of my family in two generations, I ask myself if distinction has not been dearly purchased. If prosperity and adversity have not been fearfully mixed. Finished the seventh book and third volume of Ovid where I believe I shall stop for the present.


CFA seems to have written my, but the sense demands as.