Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Tuesday. 6th.

Thursday. 8th.

Wednesday. 7th. CFA Wednesday. 7th. CFA
Wednesday. 7th.

Still very cold. I went to the Office and occupied myself in Accounts and Diary as usual. As I collected some Money today, I thought I would do my duty and put it into circulation again. So I went round paying various bills. This took so much of my time that I had no opportunity for my usual walk. And upon returning home found my hour for reading Ovid very much cut short. Afternoon Looked over the letters of Richard Rush and found one or two valuable things which I did not expect. This led me to the correspondence of Dr. Rush his father who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

In the evening I began to think again of dipping into political composition. I must write to keep my hand in exercise. It is not a little singular how awkward I find myself when I go back after a long cessation of it. I began ten times tonight and finished nothing. My present work is upon a project to bring Mr. Webster forward as a Candidate for the Presidency, by Massachusetts. Absurd enough. Read a little of Oberon.