Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Tuesday. 17th.

Thursday. 19th.

Wednesday. 18th. CFA Wednesday. 18th. CFA
Wednesday. 18th.

Morning cloudy. I went to the Office after reading a Scene or two in the first part of Schiller’s Wallenstein. Time taken up in Diary and writing Article No. 4 of my Political Speculation which I now continue that the Senatorial election is substantially decided. After I had finished it I called upon Mr. Hallett and had some conversation with him upon the general aspect of affairs. He consulted me upon the expediency of further measures. Who should be nominated for election as Governor. I explained to him the arrangement as it had been laid down to me and the motives which I ascribed to each individual actor. He was not informed of them, and could hardly believe the statements respecting Messrs. Webster and E. Everett although he adduced himself reports confirmatory of them, which he had received from other quarters. This added to the difficulty of the question. Mr. E. Everett must be the candidate of the Antimasons. I admitted this. But the next point was whether he was to be allowed to succeed in his miserable manoeuvre of getting the Whig nomination first by Mr. Webster’s influence and the Antimasonic afterwards by my fathers and his own. I recommended Mr. Hallett’s suggestion of a prior nomination. This would put him upon the horns of a dilemma which in my belief, his conduct deserves. He is a double hearted man if there is one on the face of the earth. His brother Alexander is not so bad. He has tried the game at his brothers suggestion but has made so wretched a hand of it, that he seems of late to have gone back and risked the consequences. Neither of these gentlemen are at all beyond the reach of legitimate reprisals.


Home losing my walk and Ovid. Afternoon papers, and Finished the volume of Grimm which I had. This is more lazy and less profitable reading than d’Israeli and yet I like it. The criticism of Rousseau is very good. Evening Abby had some friends, Miss Julia Gorham and her betrothed Mr. Richard Robbins, Miss Dehons and brother, Miss Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham and son, and P.C.B.Jr. Supper, but on the whole the thing was dull.