Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Thursday. 19th.

Saturday. 21st.

Friday. 20th. CFA Friday. 20th. CFA
Friday. 20th.

Finished the first part of Wallenstein. A curiously wild mixture representing a licentious army of mercenaries. Schiller however combines natural elements. The men speak as soldiers would. He does not fly into ideality at all. Coleridge who translated the rest of the Drama did not attempt this.1 Office, thence to the House to return some books. Mr. Walsh took all my time, and I did nothing. Walk.

The Senate after four attempts this day elected by one vote John Davis so that he is the Senator. I will not cultivate revengeful feeling but it is hard in this case to restrain it. My father owes his defeat to himself alone and it is most probably fortunate for him that he is not introduced into a spot where collision with Mr. Webster and three others would be almost inevitable. But the selfishness of Davis is so manifested throughout the business that for him I have no feeling but contempt. For the rest I declare now as I have thought all along that for us it has turned out for the best. My father will be less exposed in the House to minute observation in his intercourse with Mr. Webster and will be entirely at liberty to take what course he may deem proper.

Read Ovid. Afternoon. Papers and Grimm. Mrs. Hall dined here, Mrs. W. G. Brooks and brother in the evening.


That is, the “Camp of Wallenstein,” a kind of prelude to the other two parts.