Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Thursday. 18th.

Saturday. 20th.

Friday. 19th. CFA Friday. 19th. CFA
Friday. 19th.

Morning warm. I went to the Office and was busily engaged in summing up my Accounts for the year which is drawing to a close, the first year in which I have attempted double entry book keeping.

My father returned me my numbers with commendation more than enough. I conversed very fully with him upon the subject and found my ideas generally confirmed. Picked up one or two new ones.1 I went down to the Advocate Office to leave the first number and a little Postscript correcting the error I have fallen into.2 Saw Mr. Hallett and conversed with him upon the present state of matters. Then round town executing Commissions for my Mother. The wind changed and there was a slight shower of rain which terminated in the evening with a heavy thunder gust.

I dined at A. H. Everett’s by invitation. Principally the members of the revising Committee.3 Mr. Rockwell the Speaker, Messrs. Thomas, Whitney, Porter, a Mr. Arnold of Georgia, Mr. Hallett, E. Everett, N. Hale and Mr. Everett’s family. The dinner showed no indication of pecuniary difficulty. I have seen none in Boston more costly or better served. Yet the man is desperate in his politics. My neighbour Whitney would be blabbing upon Politics which considering the Lynx ears of his opposite E. Everett made me feel awkward.

We returned home at seven and my father left us shortly afterwards for Quincy. I wrote a little more, finishing the second number.


“I made some observations to him upon the papers, and suggested to him some ideas. But the composition is entirely his own, and he will prefer that it should so continue, as it is best that it should. He has opened to himself a controversy, the result of which is not easy to foresee; but of which my hopes anticipate a favourable issue. And all my hopes of futurity in this world are now centered upon him, and upon his employment of his time”

(JQA, Diary, 19 June).


The errors in No. 9 had been pointed out by the Centinel in its comment and are acknowledged in CFA’s “Postscript to ‘Political Speculation,’” Boston Daily Advocate, 20 June, p. 2, col. 3.


That is, the committee of the Legislature to revise the Statute Law of the Commonwealth (JQA, Diary, 19 June).