Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Sunday. 21st.

Tuesday. 23d.

Monday. 22d. CFA Monday. 22d. CFA
Monday. 22d.

Cold morning. I went down to see Sharpe about my medal table and to jog on his vanity towards making a pretty plan, from thence to the Athenaeum to meet Mr. Brooks at Durand’s painting room. He was already there and beginning to sit. I looked at two or three books in the Athenaeum and took the Volume of Elliots Debates which contains the Journal of the Convention and subsequent opinions.1

Office. Engaged in Accounts and Diary. Mr. Price Greenleaf called in and I sent word by him to Quincy that I would take Mr. Hallett tomorrow and accordingly made an appointment with that gentleman to dine with me at two o’clock tomorrow.

Home. Wrote a little of No. 3 but could not please myself. Afternoon, I did not do better so that I threw it up for the time and luxuriated in Mad. Deffand whose first volume I finished. She gives the news of the day in the very corrupt era of Mad. du Barry and Louis 15. Nothing worse. Evening with my Wife. And afterwards I caught a bright idea and wrote to the purpose.


Jonathan Elliot, ed., Debates in the Convention of the Several States on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution, 4 vols., Washington, 1827–1830.