Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Sunday. 30th.

Tuesday. Sept. 1st.

Monday. 31st. CFA Monday. 31st. CFA
Monday. 31st.

I remained at home all day. My time occupied partly in finishing a review of the 6th satire of Juvenal, partly in assorting MS papers and partly in commencing a new series of papers for the Advocate. As it is not the fashion for persons to read long articles, I have the idea of putting in short pieces some two or three times a week which will be spiced enough to gain a reading. I began with a comment upon an extract from Bolingbroke, which I was fortunate enough to find answer my purpose.

Thus went the morning. Afternoon, reading Theodor. My days vanish in this manner whether I am in or out of town and I do not know that they ever passed much more pleasantly. Perhaps I waste valuable hours but at any rate even if I do I am in the exercise of sharpening my faculties for future use. I hope to be able to do something of value to my generation. But I am not over ambitious.